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Welcome to Roots And Sound, independent digital library specialized in reggae music of Balkans peninsula. It was created in 2011, with purpose to document reggae music from the region, and equally present artists of all nationalities. We promote Balkans reggae events, sound systems, bands, singers, producers and music in all languages, and we are not limited to any particular area, religion or ethnic group of the Balkans. Website contains information about hundreds of regional artists, events, and music releases made since 1960s.

Introduction to Balkans reggae

Phenomenon known as reggae, has its roots in Jamaica, but since early days, this music is available around Balkans peninsula as well. Today in 2014 there are hundreds of artists and music releases of all genres available from Istanbul, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Bucharest, Sofia, Tirana, Athens, Skopje or Zagreb.

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Sound systems and selectors

In the Balkans, one of the first such attempts was made in Athens in 1985 by THC sound system, founded by Rankin Johnny, after his trip to Jamaica. Perhaps back than, it was not possible to hear reggae sound system playing in Tirana or Chisinau, but today there are hundreds of selectors and sound systems, in every larger town in the peninsula. You can find local reggae sound systems at leading regional festivals and  clubs. They play reggae and dub on vinyls, cds and mp3s, they produce music, organize parties, and promote unsigned reggae artists.

Balkans Unite webring

Since we launched the website, we do our best to provide most relevant information to every visitor. In case you want to find more interesting websites related to reggae music around the region, we will help you with that as well. Visit this page to find more sites like reggaelize.it, reggae.hr, zonareggae.ro, links to websites of artsits, and community pages.

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